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Re-imagining Humanity

I want to re-imagine humanity reconnecting with their divine selves and waking up to the reality that we are not human beings having a human or spiritual experience, we are divine beings having a human experience, and our potential is exponential.

I want to re-imagine humanity waking up that we are all connected. That our root human trauma poses our core disconnect to our divine selves, universal consciousness, and connection to all the realms that are known and unknown.

When we heal our core trauma, we let loose the chains and lenses that have separated us from God, Spirit, Consciousness, Gaia.. whatever you identify with.

We all have abundance of life, health, love.. all of it. If we let go of linear and conventional thoughts, ideas and experiences, and open up to the realm of infinite possibilities.

We were not created to break, to have dis-ease.. we have created this ourselves.

We are divine beings with full capacity to heal ourselves, by ourselves as individuals and as a collective when we can defrag the unhealthy code that has been running rogue in the background of our DNA for centuries.

When we re-imagine ourselves, anything is possible.

Author: Pallas Dame

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