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Choose your thoughts wisely, as they are the source energy,

the vehicle itself, that creates your life.



Our Mission: Integrating the Science of Energy While Bridging Science and Spirituality

We Utilize Elements From A Variety of Technologies, Modalities, Traditions, Systems, Holistic practices and Mindsets anchored into the applied practice and principles of Integrative Medicine based on Quantum Physics. 


Through the integration of these practices, we facilitate Healing, Balancing and Harmonizing of the BodyMind as seen in animals, humans, individuals, families, teams, groups and organizations.

I help CEO's 🔥breakthrough🔥 uncontrollable stress and downward spiraling health challenges and achieve fast effective results incorporating bleeding edge photonics technologies using my proprietary ⚡ PPNP⚡ Methodology.

There is no need for you to continue suffering with extreme stress and no personal life, health challenges, dysfunctional relationships or professionally, losing your top leaders and high performers, due to lack of synergy, communication, harmony and a healthy company culture. Don't make the mistake of thinking that it will correct itself and just get better.


Instead, book a call with us today and radically reduce your stress and frustration NOW

knowing you are on the road to recovery!


Click the button below and get started today!


Hi! I'm Pallas Dame, Integrative Medicine based on Bio-Well Photonics Technology and Quantum Physics
Learn More About Me

I believe it’s essential to invest in your health in order to enjoy a life full of joy, gratitude, and satisfaction. It’s this belief that guides our approach, including our services, teachings and treatments. I focus on helping clients improve their health and teach them tools to ensure they can maintain it too.

I have created my private practice and integrate my methods of energy science, healing, balancing and harmonizing of the Bodymind  due to what it took for me ultimately heal. My practice has been cultivated with many of the modalities I first had to immerse myself in, and later, became a practitioner of.  

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Please understand my results of personal healing are not typical. In order to achieve what I have, it has required years of searching, deep internal work, lifestyle transformation, education, and a deep rooted willingness to change. I am not implying that you will have the same results as me or that I have the power to heal you. The power to heal comes from within you.  I will teach you that YOU ARE THE HEALER. I am your guide, coach and mentor. I am here to facilitate healing and balancing opportunities for others so that you, may have the greatest chance of being the healer of your own life! 

BECAUSE of my journey back to health after years of chronic illness, I KNOW it IS possible to change, balance, heal and create a beautiful, healthy and vital life. What I do now, in Integrative Medicine, has been born out of my passion to help others recognize and wake up, their own internal power to heal on all levels of the body/mind/spirit/emotions and energies.

I will hold space for you and create opportunities for healing and balancing while offering tools and technology, insight, guidance, coaching and mentoring. Your personal transformation, healing and results will vary and are entirely dependent on the work that you personally do.


Our process is designed to seamlessly integrate the science and application of energy and quantum medicine facilitating deep transformation within your life, your team or your organization, creating profound opportunities to take your life and your business to the next level.



The first step is to get in touch with us.

Choose the service that is relevant for you under the menu ‘BOOK A CALL’ on the BOOK A CALL page. We have a wide variety of niches to serve you from animals, to people, to corporate teams and organizations.


We’ll discuss the issues you are facing. What your struggles, challenges and specific “pain points” are, as well as optimal results and over-arching goals. We take this time to really listen to your needs and desires.


We’ll dig into your deepest personal and/or professional challenges, your goals, and the overall process and highlight how our proprietary methods, can solve the issues, and struggles you, your animals and your company organization or teams face on a regular basis.

04. PLAN

After thoroughly understanding your needs, we’ll put together a proposal, integrating the science of energy, technology, Integrative Coaching and Quantum Medicine that will support your change efforts.


Depending on your specific goals, we may further develop a program based on the science of energy, integrating technology, and customized to your individual or organization’s needs. This may include integrative coaching, leadership development, team development, or other follow-up coaching opportunities. Certain aspects may include travel for onsite visits for corporate clients.


Our programs are customizable and can be delivered in-person, for local clients, or virtually. Some programs are strictly virtual with Integrative Coaching and Quantum Medicine, while other integrate various technologies, systems, and tools. Group and 1:1 sessions are typically held virtually over a secure streaming platform. We provide videos explaining key concepts, interactive activities, workshops, group activities, Mastermind’s and other optional supporting tools. Our crowning jewel consists of continued support built on a platform of cultural software cultivating a close knit and transformative digital culture.


  • Exclusive private digital community, within our FREE Matrix Dynamics Community. 

  • Monthly Integrative Coaching & Quantum Medicine streams, taking you behind the scenes of what it truly takes to transform, grow, heal and become your truest, most vital self at the Quantum level! 

  • Weekly Posts sharing out valuable information about the science of energy and Quantum medicine, along with tips on how to create balance and harmony in your body, mind, emotions, energies, relationships, careers and overall life.

  • A community of people, just like you yet completely unique, all on a journey together - learning, growing, healing, creating and transforming their lives.

  • Opportunities for additional online events

  • Access to events and opportunities before they are announced to the general public.


  • Your community works on the web, or via app on Android and IOs

  • Rich member profiles

  • Private direct messaging

  • Small group chats

  • Match with others by location or interest

  • Member categories

  • Incredible networking opportunities

  • Exclusive Livestreaming

  • Exclusive Live events and community meetings

  • Personal Event calendar

  • Exclusive Group chat events

  • Exclusive communities

  • Courses


All journey's are different and require a level of risk as well as dedicated commitment to hard work, consistent effort and personal action. You must have a willingness to open your mind and look new places for answers you haven't yet found, try new concepts, and step outside of your comfort zone into the unknown, as that is where the greatest and most profound change and transformation will happen. 

We are very selective in the clients with whom we choose to work. If you are not ready and willing to embark on a deep journey of self-discovery, and take full ownership of your path forward in health and life, please DO NOT attempt to work with us.  

You are the healer. 

I am the guide, coach, and mentor. 

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