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Electrophotonic Imaging Technology

As used by Dr. Joe Dispenza and his research team

Bio-well is designed for the express-assessment of the energetic state of a person, family, team or organization and the effects of the energetic influences on the environment. Bio-well scientifically demonstrates the bridge of hard science and spirituality. 

By incorporating the science of energy with Bio-well Quantum computing technology, we can observe the influence, impact and effect of energy and emotions on: 

  • Human Being Energy Systems Impacting Health and Vitality

  • Animal Energy Systems and Vitality

  • Complex Organizational and Team Interrelationships

  • Family Dynamics

  • Leadership Cohesiveness

  • Observing the Energy of You Organizations Corporate Culture


  • Bio-well is revolutionizing the way we understand our lifestyle and its effects on our energetic systems. Discover the power of energy to enhance your entire being with this revolutionary analysis tool. You will unlock a new perspective on your lifestyle with Bio-well.

  • Bio-Well is a revolutionary Electrophotonics tool developed by an international team and lead by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg Research University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • The Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization technique (Kirlian effect) was initially developed in 1995, and designed for the express-assessment of the energetic state of a person and specifically how the brain is allocating energy to the organs, endocrines, body parts, sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. Interpretation of the scans is based on Acupuncture point concepts, Ayurvedic Principles and over 20 years of internationally based scientific and clinical research, hundreds of practitioners and thousands of clients and patients. Additionally, this system measures the Quantum field of human energy centers, also known as Chakras.







Bio-well GDV Camera for Electrophotonic Imaging – includes desktop camera and accompanying software

  • Always incorporated with corporate clients.

  • Always incorporate with individual clients.

  • The Bio-well scanning process is fast, easy, and non-intrusive.

  • These scans offer instantaneous feedback on the actual energetic conditions that are both strengthening and weakening both your individual and organizational stress levels and energy reserves. Utilizing this valuable information can help you make the most of emotional and physical well-being dramatically improving overall culture, communication and cohesion!

  • By utlizing Bio-well electrophotonic data, our clients can track the real-time transformation of their individual and organizational stress and energy levels every day. This data can help them see the influence and impact of various physical and energetic environmental conditions and stimuli. With this information, you can make meaningful changes to both your individual and organizational health and well-being!




Sputnik – Evaluates the energy situation of the environment.

  • Always incorporated with corporate clients.

  • Optional for individual clients.

  • Unlock the potential of your environment by measuring its coherence and harmony or its entropy and chaos! Understanding these qualities will help you to create the ideal atmosphere for success.

    • In homes

    • Offices

    • Buildings

    • Outdoor spaces

    • Indoor spaces

    • Natural areas

    • Urban areas

    • Sacred sites

    • And more

  • Measure the energy of the environment based on a family, team, group, or organizational interrelationships.

    • This includes emotional and energetic influences upon one another as a collective.

    • The data Bio-well generates overtime, offers invaluable insights into the energetic 'health' of your organization. This feedback can help you understand the effectiveness of communication, collaboration, culture, and cohesion, as well as  many other issues that may arise due to individual and group dynamics. By closely monitoring this information, you can ensure that your organization is thriving.

  • Influence of Electromagnetic frequencies on the environment.

  • Influence of the environment on sleep.

  • Influence of the energy of music on the environment.

  • Influence of the energy of nature on the environment.

Bio-Cor - Energy and information device designed to enable stress reduction and balancing of the user’s subtle energy, as well as for structuring liquids, i.e. water.

  • Optional for corporate clients.

  • Always incorporate with individual clients.

  • Bio-Cor music is a combination of binaural beats, binaural tones and auditory artifacts.

  • This music is created with frequencies based on your own frequency and current energy center alignment. 

  • Utilizes finger scan data from Bio-Well to create a customized audio experience designed to reduce stress.

  • Each unique music file is 10 minutes long.

  • The music is infused with binaural beats which help to induce relaxation or energizing the of the Bodymind.

  • Bio-cor music balancing, supports meditation, creativity, emotional resilience and regulation, and other desirable mental and emotional states.

  • These results can help in developing a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. 

  • Informs various liquids like water with frequency-based information to facilitate relaxation and balancing of the BodyMind.

  • Used for maintaining wellness and the development of a better lifestyle.

  • Bio-cor plays any music files, including specially prepared energy center or Chakra music files exported from the Bio-Well software.

  • Emits extremely low intensity (0,0001÷0,6 µW/cm2) Extremely High Frequency (EHF) electromagnetic fields (40-43 GHz, 6,97-7,5 mm wavelength) with the use of the special “Bio-Cor” emitter.


Bio-Well Glove - Designed for real-time measurements of a person's energetic stress level connected to mental, emotional, physical or environmental factors.

  • Optional for corporate clients.

  • Optional for individual clients.

  • Conductive glove is knitted with the use of silver threads and is connecting to the whole surface of the human hand. 

  • Sticky electrodes can be applied to any non-hairy part of the human body (or even animal), in example – to acupuncture points.

  • Depending on the energetic stress level of an individual, the values of the parameters will alter. Review of the data facilitates the study of various influences of phenomena on person’s energetic state.





Bio-Well Water Sensor - Allows for testing of water's energetic response to environmental stimuli. 

  • Optional for corporate clients.

  • Optional for individual clients.

  • Measure the accumulation of photons in water in order to educate and see in real time how we influence the energy of water in beneficial or detrimental ways.

    • Via – EMF, magnetic fields, active cell phones, invocations, human intention, types of music, emotional states, etc.

  • Our bodies are 70% water or greater, and our brain is 90% water.  With this technology, we can demonstrate how different modalities, physical and environmental factors influence your liquid body.

  • By charging water with the Bio-Well Water Sensor, we can see in real time, changes in the amount of photonic energy that passes through water, in turn we can see if the influence is positive or negative.



  • Bio-well is an innovative and revolutionary tool for analyzing how our lifestyle choices and environmental impacts, affect our energy and overall wellbeing. Its unique perspective allows us to gain a deeper understanding of how our everyday decisions and activities can have a positive or negative impact on our energy levels. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take control of your energy and health - start using Bio-well today!

  • When you take the time to understand yourself and how your mental and physical health can be impacted by your lifestyle choices, emotions, and beliefs as well as understanding how your energy body is affected by the way you feel and what you think, you can develop a much more positive relationship with yourself, and those around you, as well as improve your overall health and vitality – in all aspects of your life.

  • As the OBSERVER of your life, through the prism of energy, you can acquire the power to RECOGNIZE and UNDERSTAND ineffective or destructive behaviors, thereby taking control of your life and steering it in the direction of your choosing.


  • Sense what you would feel like as your own empowered healer by integrating revolutionary lifestyle technology, that provides immediate insight into the energetic foundation of who and what you are and experience a higher state of conscious awareness and vitality!

  • Imagine the possibilities of how much your life could change if you utilized this profound technology to bring about deep healing and balance in your body and mind where you are taking charge and transforming your life!

  • Think what you could achieve when you unlock the power of your own potential through the prism of energy and recognize the immense control you have over your life. Unleash your inner strength and take charge of your destiny!

  • Imagine how energized and refreshed you could feel if you had access to new energetic resources, everyday to boost your mental and physical wellbeing!

  • Feel what it would be like, to facilitate healing and balancing within your own family, team or organization.

  • How would your life be different when you dramatically improve your life and the lives of those around you by creating harmony out of chaos?

  • your life?



The techniques shared through these modalities are designed to enhance the self-healing process and do not replace traditional medical or health care, medical diagnosis or medical treatment for illness. This practice promotes a cooperative model that bridges traditional and non-traditional healthcare. Refer to a licensed medical practitioner for medical care.

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