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Integrative Coaching: Services

Expert Level Coaching and Mentoring

BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics specifically addresses companywide organizational interrelationships, communication and culture as experienced through conscious and unconscious belief systems and in turn, seen and implemented through the eyes of the CEO and Executive Leadership team. Sessions conducted 1:1 and in group coaching sessions.

Matrix Dynamics– integrating BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics

and Integrative Coaching

Pre-requisite of Matrix Dynamics Executive Coaching

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We pride ourselves on stepping out of the cookie cutter consulting industry, by breaking the old school mold and going straight to the root causes of organizational disharmony by co-creating holistically balanced, beneficial, joyful and sustainable change starting with the heart and mind of the individual. 

All companies, whether in balance and thriving or challenged with less than opt
imal organizational inter-relationships and communication breakdowns, are a top down causality effect. The organization in action, is a direct reflection of the conscious and sub-conscious belief systems of the CEO and their leadership teams.

  • We help CEO's and Executive Leadership teams improve their organization from the inside-out.

  • This starts with the creating coherence and improved communication between the heart and the brain of the individual Executive leaders.

  • Dramatically reducing stress and anxiety while creating clarity, fostering emotional regulation and directly impacting your ability to effectively lead while also creating a balanced personal life.  

  • Executive leadership in today's complex world is more challenging than ever with quickly changing cultures and significant world events.

  • We utilize bleeding edge systems of Quantum technology, also known as Bio-Well, Electrophotonic Imaging, for the express assessment of of the energetic state of a person, team and organization.

  • We integrate HeartMath and associated technologies for creating heart and brain coherence to dramatically improve emotional regulation, stress, anxiety and over-all well-being.

  • In addition, we go deep into the heart of the individuals conscious and unconscious belief systems impacting both their personal and professional lives though Integrative Coaching and BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics


My style of Integrative coaching is anchored into a deeply subversive modality called BodyTalk.

Bodytalk challenges your most deeply ingrained conscious and unconscious belief systems that create

your identity and in turn your entire life experience.

My style of Integrative coaching and mentoring for leadership significantly surpasses traditional health, life and Executive coaching by going directly to the root cause of incoherence and disharmony within the company and organizations.


The lack of coherence, strong interrelationships, communication and culture, begins with the conscious and unconscious belief systems held deep within the belief systems of the CEO and the Executive leadership team.


Simply put, the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of  organizational interrelationships, communication and culture are a mirror image of the deepest recesses of the mind of the CEO and the Executive teams reporting to them. 


Equally as crucial is heart/brain coherence.  When we cultivate heart/brain coherence in the individual, we

enable the 'whole person' to move back into coherence and harmonize the body, mind, spirit, emotions and energies.

By harmonizing the heart and brain of the individuals in leadership roles, the impact both professionally and personally, begins the process of harmonizing the ‘heart and the brain’ of the organization and/or family itself.  


The result being immediate impact of the core blueprint of the ‘matrix’ of family and organizational interrelationships, communication and culture.

In turn, this dramatically reduces stress, increase emotional regulation, improve communication, fosters strong relationships, and enables the humans driving the company to show up authentically, strong, ready and able to take on whatever comes their way.

As the CEO of a company organization, the function or dysfunction that arises within the organization,

is ultimately, a direct reflection of the function or dysfunction within the CEO’s inner-most

workings of their mind, conscious and sub-conscious belief systems and emotions.


Think of this as top down causality. Everything and everyone that is connected to the CEO is beneficially or detrimentally impacted at some level.

With that being said, to effectively improve overall 

organizational performance, interrelationships,

communication and culture, it must start at the top with the CEO, and then the CEO’s leadership team.


Matrix Dynamics uniquely addresses complex human to human and organizational interrelationships as well as

communication within families, teams, organizations and companies.

We specifically address the conscious and unconscious belief systems directly impacting the company and organizations through Matrix Dynamics BodyTalk. These belief systems are held deep within the individual participant’s mind and BodyMind.


We will then uncover and unpack how these belief systems are impacting the overall functioning of the company and organizations within that company.


The result is creating coherence and harmonizing the company, dramatically improving interrelationships, communication and culture.



How you THINK and how you FEEL influences every atom in your life.

  • They influence how your body and brain physiologically organize themselves as well as how the company and organizations of which you are responsible for organize themselves into a highly functional super-organism or a highly dysfunctional disparate system.

  • In a co-creative process, you will cultivate a greater conscious awareness about the very fabric of the health of your organization and building blocks of your organizations overall lived experience.

  • You will be able to see what ‘viral software’ has been installed without your consent in your organizational operating system. In turn, through BodyTalk Conscious Medicine, you will be able to defrag the viruses that are running stealth in the background, slowing down or destroying the operating system.

  • Together we will defrag your operating system and upgrade the hardware, in turn, balancing your entire system back to the highest potential of your biology and physiology.

  • A benefit of working with me is that very few people do this kind of work nor have the knowledge and expertise that I have gained through my own personal journey, trainings and clients.

  • This portion of BodyTalk addresses the conscious and unconscious belief systems held within the individual participant’s mind.

  • Participants are typically the CEO and individuals on the Leadership team reporting to the CEO about the company and organizations overall function or dysfunction, performance, culture, success, high performer retention, ease of transitions, ease of organizational adoption of new ideas, policies, people, companies, etc..

  • Matrix Dynamics work facilitates creating higher levels of conscious awareness of deeply rooted damaging belief systems about the structure, function and performance of the organization, team or family of which you are responsible for.

  • The direct impacts of our belief systems, which we project, implement and entangle, consciously or unconsciously to the world and our organizations, heavily influence the harmony or disharmony of communication, relationships and interrelationships of our individual personal and professional lives, as well as our families, teams and organizations of which we are a part.

My style of Quantum medicine goes directly to the root cause of individual as well as collective ‘limiting beliefs’ and ‘blocking issues’ that are heavily impeding success – as in:

  • communication/communication breakdowns

  • healthy and unhealthy organizational interrelationships

  • healthy or unhealthy culture

  • high or low performance

  • functional/dysfunctional

  • coherence/incoherence

  • harmony/disharmony

  • balance/imbalance

  • vitality/stagnation

  • effectiveness/ineffectiveness

  • passion/passionless

  • vitality and creativity/chronic stress and frustration

  • and so on.


  • Together, we will defrag the conscious and unconscious belief systems otherwise known as ‘viral code’ triggering disruption and disharmony not just within you, but your leadership team and your organizations as a highly functioning organism.

  • The result, balancing you, your leadership team and your organization back to its’ highest potential of a highly functioning organizational community.


  • I utilize Quantum Medicine and BodyTalk heavily in my 1:1 Conscious Medicine sessions.

  • All my Matrix Dynamics work is executed through BodyTalk. Matrix work is an integrated portion of the BodyTalk system dedicated to interrelationships within families, teams and organizations.

  • I utilize a clinical approach to our sessions where we will work together to determine your highest priority, according to what we discuss in the coaching portion of our session. This priority is anchored into the primary, over-arching topic.

  • We always work with an agenda that is of the highest good and highest priority for our over-arching topic, with Matrix Dynamics, that over-arching topic will be Harmonizing Organizational Health and Vitality.



  • The organizational function or dysfunction is a direct reflection of the CEO and Leadership teams minds, belief systems, projections and influences.

  • All sessions are conducted via ZOOM unless I have been requested for onsite visits.

  • Additional 1:1 support is conducted through my Tele-health platform, Practice Better.

  • All of our sessions will be anchored into the over-arching concept of – ‘Harmonizing Organizational Health and Vitality For The Highest Good of All Involved’.

  1. Example – Improving over-arching organizational communication and adaptability to new ideas and implementations.

  2. Example – Unblocking interference patterns that are inhibiting healthy corporate culture.

  3. Example – Unblocking interference patterns that are inhibiting leadership from moving to action quickly and effectively as a team.

  4. Example – Unblocking interference patterns that will inhibit a successful transition of leadership into or out of the organization.

  5. Example – Unblocking interference patterns to improve effective and successful transitions for – could be any of these – (mergers and acquisitions of external products, services, and companies)


Exclusive Mighty Networks Coaching Community

  • General membership in primary Mighty Networks community

  • Access to all Mighty Networks general membership opportunities

  • Exclusive Access to: Conscious Leadership Community


  • HeartMath-Heart/Brain Coherence

  • Matrix Dynamics/BodyTalk/Quantum Medicine for greater impact of organizational healing and balancing and professional transformation.

  • Brain balancing tools

  • Stress management

  • Defragging your personal iceberg of conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs

  • Exploration of individual and collective conscious and unconscious belief systems

  • Mindfulness

  • Group discussions anchored into emerging new ideas, creativity, personal insights, and conscious awareness

  • Community Education and Personal Development

  • Additional online mindfulness events, coaching opportunities, masterminds, community roundtables

  • Community Education and Personal Development

  • Conscious Medicine/Quantum Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine energy systems and the impact on your daily life

  • Bio-Well Electro-photonic sessions demonstrating the healing and balancing of your personal energy systems over the course of our work together (coming spring of 2023)



  • Improving Interrelationships, Relationships, Communication and Culture within your organization through Matrix Dynamics work

  • Improve a heart driven organizational culture

  • Improve organizations sense of purpose

  • Enhance and improve core organizational philosophies

  • Enhance and improve organizational heart-driven organizational communication

  • Improve leadership’s ability to move to action quickly

  • Increase overall organizational performance

  • Improve company-wide organizational communication and interrelationships creating stronger teams

  • Improve success transitions and incorporation of new roles into leadership

  • Improve effective and successful transitions, mergers and acquisitions of external products, services, and companies (from the human to human – ‘H2H’- experience)

  • Reduce Lost Revenue because of Improved Human to Human – ‘H2H’ - communication and interrelationships

  • Increase employment retention of top performers

  • Attract top performers

  • Raise The Hiring Bar

  • Improve organizational mental performance and clarity of the organization

  • Improve organizational performance

  • Improve company culture

  • Balance ‘stuck’ belief systems and mental attitudes that are blocking you from achieving your life potentials and may be disrupting your organization’s ability to thrive

  • Decrease disharmony and stress within the organization

  • Improve leaderships communication

  • Improve leaderships effectiveness

  • Increase organizational synchronicities


  • As the CEO of a company organization, the function or dysfunction that arises within the organization, is ultimately, a direct reflection of the function or dysfunction within the CEO’s inner-most workings of their mind and emotions. With that being said, to effectively improve overall organizational performance, interrelationships, communication and culture, it must start at the top with the CEO, and then the CEO’s leadership team.

  • When you create conscious awareness of the belief systems and labels that have created your acquired life ‘identity’, you are then able to begin the conscious deconstruction and unpacking of who and what you are not. Revealing the essence of who you truly are. In turn, you realize that your outer world, your personal and professional life, functional or dysfunctional, is a direct reflection of the deepest, innermost parts of you.

  • You begin the transformative process of defragging detrimental belief systems, unpacking traumas that are ready to be addressed according to the highest priority of your innate intelligence, while creating sustainable, lifelong, oftentimes, profound shifts.

  • You provide your innate intelligence with a roadmap which increases your BodyMind’s power and potential to defrag deeply rooted issues which are creating imbalances within your BodyMind. For example, things like your personalized chronic stress and anxiety, lack of balance in life, dysregulation of emotions and rigid frameworks of belief systems have an immediate and direct impact and heavy influence on the company and organization you are responsible for.

  • For an organization to thrive and cultivate deeply beneficial interrelationships, high levels of communication, strong teamwork and a healthy company culture, the CEO and individuals on the CEO’s leadership team must establish high levels of conscious awareness of how and why they are personally impacting the health and vitality of the company and organization to which they are responsible.

  • Once CEO and individuals on the Leadership teams establish conscious awareness of their impact on the organization, either beneficially or detrimentally, the magic of quantum medicine can commence and the defragging of the individuals less than optimal conscious and unconscious belief patterns that are negatively affecting and impacting the organizational core health can begin.

  • Just like a computer, when you defrag the viral code, the operating system can balance back to its’ highest potential of performance and capabilities.

  • This process has the power, potential and possibility of transforming your professional life, company and organization into something amazing! You will discover that you are the architect of your own life.


  • Imagine your beautiful life, waking up in the morning and realizing YOU truly have the ability and birthright to experience and embody joy, peace, calm, vitality, empathy, passionate, successful, balanced, healthy and happy!

  • Think of a life and career where you live abundantly with rich professional relationships where you feel deeply connected with those you work with, care about, are responsible for, and with yourself.

  • Sense into a future, where your professional life feels balanced, healthy and whole.

  • Feel deeply, into what it would be like, to arrive at work and be greeted by happy, motivated, challenged, passionate, and healthy co-workers and employees and know, that you and your solid leadership team has your back, for all the wins, losses, disruptions and anything else in-between.

  • Know you can show up in your own life for yourself first and others’ next, that you are deeply rooted and anchored into the creativity, bravery, resiliency, empathy, and conscious awareness of your own beautiful, courageous heart and mind.

  • Sense deeply into the knowledge that you ARE the Master of your Destiny and that you alone have the power and potential to heal and balance anything and everything in both your personal and professional life.

  • Now dream of your life being lead with heart-filled gratitude, the highest expression of love, where your very essence is energized, vital, and in love with all aspects of your life and this is reflected daily, in the innermost workings of the company and organization you are responsible for.

  • How would your life be different just knowing you can step into the Quantum field where you can free your mind and transform the lifeforce and experience of your organization, no matter the size?

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