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Team - Pallas Dame: Team


Integrative Health, Consulting, Clinical Energy Medicine and Quantum Medicine

Pallas Dame practices Integrative health and Clinical Energy Medicine and Quantum Medicine, which are holistic approaches to overall health, wellness and vitality.


Hi, I’m Pallas Dame. I'm an Integrative Nutrition Health and Life Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and a Clinical Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner.  I focus on helping you create a balanced life through holistic practices and the

integration of food and lifestyle. 


With a background including qualities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ayurvedic principles and the energetic root causes of dis-ease and imbalance; I am thoroughly trained in the art and science of understanding the many languages the body speaks in.


I'm passionate and devoted to working with people like you to create balanced lives with optimal mental, emotional and physical health through clinical integrative holistic medicine. 


This means I look at how all areas of your life are inter-connected, including your belief system and how trauma is held within the body system.  We explore together the manifold ways this information impacts your life as a whole, every single day. 


By prioritizing balance and engaging in your own healing journey, you become a powerful advocate for yourself and your one, precious life.


I am available to work in tandem with your licensed medical professionals including endocrinologists, internal medicine specialists, naturopathic doctors, functional medicine and mental health practitioners. 


I believe in creating a support team that will be a strong and powerful foundation for your recovery and healing.



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