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Positive Changes that Anxious Families Can Make Right Now

Anxiety can take a toll on people of all ages and backgrounds, and many families have a hard time finding ways to manage those feelings when both the parents and the children are dealing with those same challenges. Often, though, it helps to focus on the source of your biggest anxieties so that you can make small changes that will create a big impact at home, work, and school. Today, courtesy of Mountain Medicine Integrated Wellness, here are some simple ways you and your loved ones can fight off anxiety attacks and practice self-care.

Make a Change for Yourself

For many adults, their biggest source of anxiety is typically job-related, especially those who are in management positions. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious everyday at work, consider your options when it comes to improving your situation – even if that means changing your career or starting your own business. Think about what your goals are and how you can realistically achieve them, such as by going back to school. A Master’s in IT, Data Analytics, or Cybersecurity and Information Assurance could help you make a radical change for the better in your career, and you can do it all online in order to keep working and earn the degree at your own pace. Take a look at the programs available and research their prerequisites to get an idea of the best choice for you.

Get to the Root of Your Child’s Anxieties

Just as there are many causes of anxiety for adults at work, there are lots of school-related fears and emotions that can bombard kids and make it difficult to focus or enjoy their time in the classroom. They may be dealing with a bully, or perhaps they’re having a hard time keeping up with their assignments or don’t understand the work. Some kids feel anxiety more acutely when they don’t get adequate sleep, which in itself can cause a whole host of physical and mental health issues. Talk to your child to find out more about their school day so you can pinpoint a possible problem and come up with a solution that works for them.

Sometimes, making a small change to their sleep schedule or helping them get things in order can make a huge difference. Keeping their rooms tidy and decluttered (which might involve picking up toys and clothes each and every night) can also help alleviate feelings of anxiety at bedtime. And last but not least, being there for your kids at bedtime can help them feel more safe and secure. If you’re busy with work and often miss those tuck-in times, free up your schedule so you can check in with them and discuss anything that’s on their minds.

Treat Your Body Kindly

Getting good sleep isn’t the only kind thing you can do for your body and mind when you’re fighting anxiety. It’s also crucial to eat well, get some exercise, and reduce your intake of refined sugars, nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. Take a look at the habits of your family and think about how you can make a few positive changes to your diet and lifestyle. It’s also a good idea to check out objective reviews of products before bringing them into the home, and explain the importance of this research to your children.

Furthermore, talk to your children about how important it is to be active each day, and look for ways you can all get moving as a family throughout the week. It can also be helpful to get outdoors for a little mental health boost, especially during periods when the family spends a lot of time together indoors (such as during the colder winter months).

Know Your Limits

When it comes to finding healthy lifestyle changes for both you and your children, it’s essential to know everyone’s limits. What’s fun for you may not be fun for some of your other family members, and pushing them to join in or make certain changes to their routine might only create more anxiety. Think about how you can tailor these changes for everyone’s needs, and let them know that you’re there to help them through the process.

Dealing with anxiety hits everyone a little differently, so try to be conscious of that as you and your family strive to make healthy changes to prevent those feelings. Seek professional assistance if you feel that you and your loved ones could use a little help.

Mountain Medicine Integrated Wellness can help you restore balance, regain vitality, and transform your world. Reach out today to get started!

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Author: Sophie Letts

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