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What Is Conscious Healing?

Balance or Lack of Balance?

I receive questions around ‘BALANCE’ or ‘lack of balance’ creating stress in ones life and how it truly impacts us. – all of this goes back to negative belief systems we have around who and what we are and the lack of boundaries we possess of our personhood. By creating boundaries, becoming an advocate for oneself, establishing our individual Authority of Voice and connecting to the divine nature of who you are as a spiritual being having a human existence, we can start to unpack what is holding us back in life.

We must each individually disassociate ourselves from the belief systems we pack on ourselves to be able to ‘wake up’ and truly see all of what we are not! When we can clearly see what we are not, then we start pulling back the veils to reveal what we truly are. But its’ the exploration of the deconstruction of the identities we hold soooo near and dear and cling onto for dear life that foundationally supports transformation in all areas of life. From the basics of what do I eat, to how do I say no.

These identities and belief systems can be of our own making, of our parents’ influence, the religious institutions, Negative spiritual beliefs, generational trauma, media, teachers, children, spouses, friends, any and all kinds of influences and influencers that land in our orbit, and ultimately impact each of us, unknowingly, unaware. It is somewhat like being asleep at the wheel. These influences or interference patterns come into our lives, and we are totally unaware that we are packing them on without our consent, but they just make their way into our existence as if they are a part of us. When what they are, is the equivalent spiritual viruses running malevolent code in the background of our lives. All of these things impact us and have greatly defined our unique identities around all of these lies. Those lies consist of anything and everything that take away our voice, our autonomy, instill fear, instill lack, instill separation from one another, from Source, even from ourselves.

My job as a Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner is not just about teaching someone how to live a balanced life by offering advice and suggestions, its’ about holding energetic space to consciously deconstruct, the belief systems that have bound us to our identity structures which have energetically disrupted our natural consciousness into a pathological state. This impacts us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, soulfully and has blinded us to the incredible truth of what we are. When we can start to see what we are not, we begin to understand who we are. When we begin to understand the divine nature of who and what we are, that’s when the true healing and balancing in our lives can commence.

This is Conscious healing.

Author - Pallas Dame

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