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Time To Level Up

Its' time to up-level my friends!

Do you want to know the secret of how to be happy, calm and tuned in to what is real, calm and beautiful in the world?

Detox from the news. Detox from politics. Cut-off energy vampires in your world and reclaim your autonomy and authority of your own mind, heart, soul and connection to the beauty of life.

Why do I feel confident telling all of you to do this? Because I was sucked into the black hole that people feel is our world now and I have crawled back out of it with energy, vitality, peace, joy and so much love!!!

And do you know what?

The world is still turning, the sunsets and sunrises are still breathtaking, the leaves on the trees blowing in gentle breezes, and divine love permeates everything around us.

We are only cut off from love and peace because we choose to be.

Make better choices. Make healthy choices.

When we heal ourselves we heal the world. Point blank.

Love, kindness, connection to Spirit and divine Oneness... This is the answer my friends. It truly, truly is.

Looking forward to seeing all of my beautiful human souls joining me on the light side instead of the dark side!!

There is plenty of love, joy and peace to go around. It doesn't run out.

Author: Pallas Dame

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